Increase Website Traffic to your website by using these following 10 methods.

Some are easier than others, but the harder ones also have a longer payoff. The easier ones are quick wins to increase website traffic to your blog, but just like growing a social media account, getting one view at a time eventually ends with faster and faster growth.

It all builds on itself, so just keep going!

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How to Increase Traffic on Website with Social Platforms

Let’s start with the obvious one – harnessing your social power!

Screen shot of the Facebook home page1. Promoting your website on Facebook pages and your profile.

For Facebook in particular there are a variety of ways to get clicks.

You can promote your site’s content on your Facebook business page, and in your PERSONAL profile.

It may seem awkward at first to post to your personal profile, but remember we’re building up baby steps here.

Getting a few clicks from your friends and family will do two things.

It will build up your site’s authority by getting individual clicks, and alert your friends and family to what you do.

The first is obvious, but keeping what you do in front of your existing network (your friends and family) will help you with getting referrals without being salesy.

They know you’re just promoting your business, and are probably proud of you for doing it. Speaking from personal experience, it took me forever to post my content to my Facebook profile, but those few “mercy” clicks truly do make a difference when you’re just starting out.

3-7 clicks per week, equal 12-28/month, and so on. Then because your clicks are not zero, Google serves up your content to more people, and then more people, and then more people.

It compounds. So getting that initial bump can be what sets it all in motion.

But here’s the real monetary benefit, 2-3 months down the road when someone’s boss mentions a website redesign, my friends and family keep me in mind because I post regularly (but not constantly) that I design websites.

I position myself as the default choice just by announcing it regularly via posts and link sharing.

2. Advertise your content (old and new) to all platforms

Social Media IconsIn the same vein as the first listing, whenever you write a blog post or develop other new content, make sure you advertise it to all your social media channels (not just Facebook).

And do it both all at once, and again and again over time.

For example, when I write a new blog post I post it to my platforms right away, and again later in the week, and again the next week, then two weeks out from there, and another two weeks out, then every month for 6 months.

What this does is drive some level of traffic to a post over time. And since it can take up to 8 months or more for a blog post to really settle into Google’s search rankings properly, showing consistent traffic over that time matters in establishing that content’s authority on that topic.

3. Pinterest

Okay I don’t consider Pinterest a social platform – and neither do they actually. There are opportunities for collaboration, but not chit chat.

They’re a visual search engine, and are very, very popular. Even if you have a technical or low-visually inclined niche, you should consider posting to Pinterest regularly. And it’s free.

Like any platform, it takes time to build up impressions, but not as much time as you might think. And there are a dozen free and low cost schedulers that will help you pin without taking up a ton of your time.

It’s a bit of a long game strategy, but we’re talking months and not nearly a year or more like Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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4. Get more mini clicks by putting content in your email signature!

This one might sound silly, but I put 2-3 links in the bottom of my email signature in all emails I send out.

Do they get clicked on all that often? No.

In fact, I have no way to confirm they’re getting clicked on at all without using redirects.

But just like posting to your profile, putting links to your content in your email signature keeps you top of mind.

Even if folks don’t click on it, they know you have a YouTube channel, or they know you have a freebie they could use, etc.

It’s all about exposure in addition to the actual link clicks.

Screen shot of an email with links in the email signature

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5. Make giveaways local. I don’t mean local to your town, I mean local as in on YOUR website and not on a 3rd party site.

There are a dozen and a half websites that allow you to build landing pages, sales pages, sign up forms, surveys or quizzes, and so on third party websites.

Guys this is FREE traffic you’re driving away from your site numbers just because of a small bit of code.

Let me pause here and say, if you absolutely are not technical and this is the only way you can do this… skip this. It’s FAR more important you move forward than it is to get stuck here. FAR more important.

That being said, setting up forms on your own site, even using these third party websites, is not hard.

Most of these companies actually provide “embed code” which will allow you to copy completed code, and paste it into your website.

You can paste it into a sidebar or on a page on your own site using a “code block.”

They have these blocks inside Wix, WordPress and honestly most website editors. Just add the block, place the code, and save. That’s it.

Now your website is getting the traffic instead of theirs.

Hand holding a printed cut out of a envelope over a pink background

6. Email List: Send your website to your biggest fans

This next one may seem like a no brainer when you hear it, but you’d be surprised how people with an email list either don’t email their list, or do it on a very inconsistent basis.

If someone has signed up for your email list, they are interested enough to at least get your free offer.

And when you email your list a summary of your blog post with a link to read more, you are probably going to get unsubscribes.

But guess what? You will get unsubscribes literally every time you send an email out.

And some of those people you send that email out to will click on the link you’re sending and get you that free traffic you’re after.

Pro Tip: Who do I use for sending emails? ConvertKit (affiliate link)

They have a free option up to 1000 subs, which is phenomenal for getting you setup to collect email addresses.

If you want to do any of the automation (i.e. sending out an email with a freebie when someone subscribes), then you have to do the paid version, which is $25-29/mo depending on if you do monthly or yearly.

You can send out emails in the free version though, which is awesome for weekly newsletters!

So definitely pickup the free version even if you don’t plan to send emails right now – just so you can start collecting through a form on your website ASAP.

Future you will thank you. 😀

Present-day Wendy is kicking Past-Wendy for not doing it sooner!

Increase Traffic to Blog Through Collaboration

These last few will take more of a time investment than the previously listed options, but they have a much longer shelf life and potential for higher traffic.

Woman typing on her laptop sitting on a park bench with a coffee and phone next to her

7. Guest Post – Get featured by giving content, and borrow other people’s audiences

If you can strike a deal with other blogs in your niche/industry, you’re looking at the chance to really grow. This advice goes across all platforms, but guest posting in particular is pretty savvy.

Writing a guest post does two things:

  1. Your post will likely live on for a long time, alerting readers to who you are
  2. Those author links in the footer (and sometimes the header) of an article will drive backlinks to your site – which Google loves to see to build authority.

While you’re negotiating writing a guest piece, consider seeing if there’s an alternative way you can further exposure to that audience.

Write the guest post, but also maybe negotiate a sidebar ad, 2-3 mentions on their Instagram stories, a link on a recommended providers page, etc.

The push here is to not just settle for writing a post with some back links. Get creative and see if you can push for more. The worst they can say is, “no.”

8. Add a YouTube Video to your post

This one is probably the most time consuming, but hear me out.

Adding a video to your post does two things:

  1. Since Google owns YouTube, it likes seeing YouTube videos embedded on pages and will look for related keywords between the post and the video itself
  2. Having a video on the post extends the amount of time a user stays on your page.

That second one is key folks. The longer someone stays on your page, the lower your bounce rate, and the higher your authority is on that topic according to Google.

The simple act of adding a video seriously extends the life of your blog post by several minutes. MINUTES. Plus it drives up your YouTube channel while it’s at it.

9. Podcast

Again, another time investment, but once it’s done, it’s done.

One thing with creating a podcast however, is that you really have to create a blog post to go with it since podcasts aren’t super search friendly yet.

However, this has the same effect as putting a video on your page.

If someone comes to your site, and clicks on your podcast audio player, chances are that tab will stay open significantly longer than someone who is just scanning the page.

Longer time on page, the more your site is seen as the expert. More authority, means more traffic.

Screen shot showing several Facebook groups on blogging10. Groups/Membership

This could be Facebook Groups, or a private membership group, but being a part of groups that will let you post links is a super easy way to promote your content.

Most Facebook Groups will only let you post on specific threads, so be cautious of what you’re posting and where so you don’t get booted out.

And the same goes with some membership sites, but there are a staggering number of Facebook Groups.

So what you do is:

– create a list of links to all these groups you’re in,

– then when you launch a new piece of content, go around to the ones you can, and

– post those links.

It’ll take maybe 15 minutes and generate just as many clicks.

Next Steps

Now just pick one or two of these ten to get started. Choose the ones you will actually do.

Remember, the goal here is progress, not overwhelm.

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It’s been great talking with you today! I hope I get to connect with you on socials!

– Wendy

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