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What is a Discovery Call?

A discovery call is a quick, 30-minute consultation/overview where we evaluate your website and give you a report that outlines the overall health of your website. We also include a list of action items that help you to figure out the order of either repairs or marketing strategies to help you get more from your website.

What happens on a Discovery Call?

During this time we will address your specific concerns about your site, and also identify gaps in your online presence. After the call, within 48 hours, you will receive an Action Plan Report (PDF), which will review what we discussed as well as outline what your next steps are. We outline not only what we talked about, but also highlight a sequence of suggested steps to take towards improving your website.


  • 30-minute call, conducted via Skype, Zoom, or in-person
  • Follow up email with the Action Plan Report, which summarizes what we reviewed and discussed, as well as action steps for moving forward


The cost for a discovery call and the Action Plan Report is $199. It is roughly 3-4 hours of work start to finish as we really do our homework on not only your website, but the competition as well. Please note we do not do refunds on Discovery Calls or Action Plan Reports. Once we have had the Discovery Call and send you the report, there’s no way to undo that labor cost.

Interested in Setting Up a Call?

Wonderful! Please fill out the form below and we will reach out to you to find a convenient time. If you have an event coming up that you would like to have reflected on your site (i.e. a festival, a sales promotion, etc.) please do be sure to mention that in the form below and/or during our Discovery Call. We will want to take that into account to help you prepare.

We look forward to speaking soon!

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