What does an SEO Copywriter, a website copywriter, do? Magic – that’s what! Seriously, they have it rough and are completely worth the money. It doesn’t matter how well a site is designed, or how great the coding is, if it can’t be found on Google, what good it?

A SEO Copywriter is responsible for taking information the client gives them, even if it’s just bullet points, and turning it into actionable text. This can be text for anything from page introductions, product summaries, to full About pages and landing pages with direct calls to action (CTAs). The twist is of course making that copy not only readable by humans, but having it play well with the Google machine as well.

How it works is long tail keywords are chosen by the client with guidance from the web team (how to choose keywords is a whole other can of worms), and the search engine optimization copywriter is responsible for working those into the correct places. This typically involves the headlines of the page, the first paragraph, and alternative versions of those keyword(s) worked in throughout the page’s text.

Good SEO Copywriters do not write to make the client happy, but to make the end user, the visitors, happy. The text has to be human friendly, and speak to the defined audience, not just to robots indexing the site. Yet it still has to say things in a way that the robots will pick up on. It’s a fine line, and Google is getting so good that they can tell the difference between keyword stuffing or when text isn’t written to the visitor but to them instead. The end result needs to be a quality reading experience that drives the user to sales – hey we’re all still in business here.

If you’re looking to learn more about SEO Copywriting, I cannot recommend Kate Toon enough. While I have not worked with her on any projects, I have used her courses and freebie worksheets to move my own website from the middle of nowhere to right in front of Google. I still have some work to do on my main keywords, but the outliers are now appearing on page 1 – so, progress! Much of her stuff is free so it’s a great place to start for beginners: katetoon.com or therecipeforseosuccess.com.