So what does it mean to set permissions recursively? The short answer is whatever permissions you’re setting on the directory (folder) you’re working on, if you checked the box asking to set the permissions recursively, you are saying that you want to set those same permissions to EVERYTHING inside that folder.

So why would you want to set permissions recursively?

Usually you want to set folder permissions recursively because you’re trying to protect (or un-protect) a massive amount of files. But you should be careful, because sometimes there’s a situation where you might want to have most everything set to free-access (i.e. readable-writable-executable, or 777), except maybe one set of internal folders or files.

For example, you can set permissions to a root directory recursively but then you will want to go back in to set Fort Knox-style permissions to an administrative folder that lives within that root directory – looking at you WordPress. So you would set your folder permissions recursively and then immediately go into your folder and set folder permissions recursively on all the files and folders within that internal administrative folder.

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