This metric is a bit confusing, because does it mean that your competitors are doing excellent or does it mean you’ve found a keyword is an excellent choice for you to use in your own video?

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How does TubeBuddy use its optimization strength score to help you figure out your keywords?

The optimization strength in TubeBuddy’s score analysis section refers to how good a keyword phrase is going to be for your channel (weighted), or in general (unweighted).

If it says excellent, than GREAT!! It’s a perfect keyword for you to use!

If it says poor than you’ve found a keyword that would be competing against a ton of other videos that already optimized for that specific keyword. In other words, your video efforts would get lost in the shuffle.

That’s it for today! A short one, but important when using TubeBuddy to know what you’re looking at.

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TubeBuddy Optimization Strength score - What does it mean?