QA, or the quality assurance team, is like the saving grace of the entire web team. Their role is vital, because what they do is review what the customer sends, and also what the rest of the web team produces to ensure an awesome end product – in other words, a phenomenal site.

They do more than just check grammar. Their job as editors is to find inconsistencies across designs and site functionalities. For example, in a site of 500 pages half have blue buttons, but somewhere along the line we switched to teal ones. They then put in a request to the web designers and developers to change the other half to the new teal version.

They check the content the client provides before it ever reaches the designers, developers, or web editors. Then once the page is about to go live, or is live, they check it again to ensure nothing weird happened from point A to point B. And believe me, they are good at their jobs. A good QA person will find an extra space in a headline, double periods at the end of a paragraph, links that don’t work or go to the wrong places, and essentially save the team and the client from themselves. They’re awesome people.

Also, if your site has special requirements, such as having to read to a certain grade level, be 508 compliant, has special requirements for your product descriptions, legal requirements such as displaying licensing information, and so on – their job is to make sure that information appears every single time. And the result of this fine tooth comb approach is a super clean website that gives the visitors a seamless experience. They don’t notice misspellings, or underfunctioning/malfunctioning parts of the sites. The site just flows – and that’s the goal.