What is WordPress? Why should you use WordPress?

WordPress is a content manage system, otherwise known as a CMS. It’s software you use to manage your website without having to actually know how to code or a ton of technical terms.
This is why CMS driven websites are so vital for small businesses. You don’t need to know any backend information, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use a content management system.

WordPress is one of two main Content Management Systems

WordPress makes up 33% of all the websites in the world, which should tell you how reliable and easy it is to use.
Drupal is another content management system, but it’s primarily setup for developers and corporations. You really do need to know a lot of coding and backend information to get Drupal to run properly. It can do a whole lot more in the long run, but it’s also because you usually have developers running it.

How do I use WordPress?

To edit a page or a post on WordPress, you navigate to that page, select edit, make your changes, and hit “update” or “publish” if it’s a new page.
To style your content, you use presets called CSS styles – H1s, H2s, H3s, etc. Which stands for header 1, header 2, etc. Those styles are set within your WordPress theme, and they apply site wide.
This forces your site to be consistently styled, so a user can go to one page and see one look, and then navigate to another site and they see the same style. It makes for a much better experience for that user.

Why should you use a content management system over Wix or SquareSpace?

First, go with what’s comfortable to you. If you are going to get stuck on WordPress over Wix for example, then go with Wix. It’s far and above more important that your content gets out to the world.
Secondly, the reason I advocate for clients to use WordPress is because they own those files. Those files, just like files on your computer, are yours. You can download those files, upload them somewhere else, and move your hosting in short order. You are in control of your files. You’re in control of your digital property.

How to Install WordPress YourselfWant to setup your own WordPress site?

I’ve got you covered! Check out my ebook on how to setup your own WordPress website.
Take care, and I’ll see you all in the next one!
– Wendy