Hey everyone – we’re all here in our mutual misery because our WordPress Admin Login is Not Working.

Most likely you’re here because you’re seeing the “Not available.” error when you head to your login page.

Your login page is typically at domain.com/wp-admin, but if you have a security plugin you may have setup your login at another location. In this example mine used to be at creationdepot.com/wendyslogin. The culprit? All in One Security Plugin for WordPress.

I don’t know what is up with this otherwise PHENOMENAL security plugin, but every so often there’s an update from WordPress that rolls through and completely derails the login page option with this security plugin.

Here’s How to Fix the WordPress Admin Login Not Working Error

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To fix the login error, you first have to disable the security plugin. Now my setup is slightly different than the typical WordPress install, but the method’s the same.

  1. Within your FTP access (either through cPanel or an FTP software), get to the plugins folder for WordPress.
  2. Rename the plugin’s folder to anything else so it breaks the software’s link to its files. I throw a 00- in front of plugins I have to work with to keep them at the top of the list so I don’t have to hunt it down later.
  3. Now that it’s disabled, head to WordPress’ default login page – yourdomain.com/wp-admin and log in.
  4. Now that you’re logged in, go back to your FTP info and change the plugin’s folder name back to the original name.
  5. Back inside the WordPress dashboard, head over to your plugins page.
  6. If your security plugin requires an update, back your stuff up first and then run it. If it doesn’t jump to the next step.
  7. For All in One Security Plugin, you need to head to the left menu then over to Brute Force. This section is where you can setup the separate login page, and keep hackers from just using the generic /wp-admin to get into your site. For example, mine was set to creationdepot.com/wendyslogin.
  8. First, turn it off by unchecking it and save it.
  9. Then once the page reloads, set up a new one, recheck the box, and hit save again.

Now log out and in an INCOGNITO window, try the new link and it should work. You are probably going to have caching issues (where the browser remembers the page even though it’s not really still there) with your old login page. You will either have to clear your site’s cache, or clear it in the browser itself.

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