Zulily, for those who don’t know, is an site that gets great deals by placing a group of buyers together for a purchase of items in bulk. They have amazing, unique stuff from clothes to toys to house goods. I’m a big fan. But I’m also a big fan of how they do their marketing. With each purchase they include a simple postcard, and the creative way they use these cards will have business owners thinking twice about how they use these cheap advertising tools.

zulily-postcard-backUsually, one side has a promotion and the reverse has a great drawing for kids. See, most of Zulily’s market focus is on moms, and it’s a great little time-involved activity to give kids these postcards to color. And honestly they are a great therapeutic tool for us moms too – it’s nice to kick back and draw inside the lines for once. Imagine if kids start to look forward to your products arriving in the mail for mom as much as mom does. It’s a postcard! It costs maybe 2 cents to produce, and there are no additional postage costs because it gets thrown in with the order.

And for the holidays, they’ve gotten creative again. On one side they have very simple designs with a hashtag suggestion, but on the reverse you can see where they’ve actually made that postcard into not one, but two tags to attach to your gifts! How clever! Kids could still color these if they wanted to, but what a great way to welcome in the season of giving – especially if the products purchased happen to also be gifts for that special someone.

The Final Look: